Tags: 3.0.53, V3.0.53 APRIL 2021, APRIL 2021

  • 22/04/2021
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  • Category: Updates


Fixes and updates in this release

  • Fixes for camber and thickness menus in the Airfoil Cad screen.
  • Fix for airfoil thickness override in Print Design screen for CAD file export.
    Airfoil thickness override in Print Design screen can now be varied for root and tip airfoils.
    The thickness will then be applied linearly across the span based on the position of the rib.
  • Completed functionality for background picture in Airfoil Cad screen.
    Pictures can be traced to create new airfoils.
    New toolbar buttons have been added to the Airfoil Cad Toolbar.

    - Load picture
    - Clear picture
    - Move picture
    - Zoom in picture
    - Zoom out picture

    How to trace a picture to create a new airfoil