• 5/3/2015
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  • Category: Updates

Winfoil V3.3.7 Released

A new release of Winfoil 3 (Version 3.3.7) is now available. This update will not be automatically downloaded. Registered users can download the patch from the Winfoil User Portal. or from this link  patch37.zip

The unregistered trial version can be downloaded from the Download page.

This release contains the following fixes.

  • Added new help topic covering Performance Analysis.
  • User Manual updated with details about new features and design performance analysis.
  • Fixed error with HTML export for design reports.
  • CL Max and propeller efficiency can now be set at the design specification level.
    Previously these settings could only be set globally and applied to all designs. Initial values are set from the Performance settings in the Preferences screen. Specification reports have been modified to display these settings. Import and export of designs have been updated for these settings.
  • Fixed update error in Design screen.
  • Spar position can now be fixed in relation to the chord instead of following a chord position along the span.
  • Design picture zoom has been changed to maintain picture aspect ratio when zooming in and out.
  • Fixed issue where print preview required two button clicks to view.
  • Fixed print of performance data so that speed and power required match selected units. Previously would display speed in ft/sec and power required in HP.
  • Fixed issue with the saving of Design and Airfoil screen positions when closing Winfoil using the Close Window button.
  • Fixed performance chart speed ranges. Previously these charts were plotted for speeds many magnitudes greater than the estimated maximum speed of the design.
  • JavaFoil airfoil analysis now writes to the CommonAppData folder. This is required for Vista and Windows 7 when running Winfoil as a non Administrator user.
  • Export Ribs to DXF has been enhanced to allow the skin to be omitted for CNC rib cutting.