Decals Part 1 - July 2020

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I decided to try my hand in making some decals for my new Gee Bee R2 profile model so that it had a more realistic appearance.
I used Corel Draw to create the logos and racing numbers. Corel Draw has a large number of fonts and I was able to select fonts that were close to the originals. 
These were sized to the correct scale. The printing service I used was Avery WePrint. I chose their Clear Labels which are transparent, oil, and dirt resistant.
I copied my logos and numbers to a drawing that matched the size 196 X 135mm size and saved the image as PDF. I created an account in the Avery site and uploaded my PDF files.
Within a few days, I received the labels and was immediately impressed at the quality. A day later I had another closer look and suddenly realized that there was a problem. Any of the numbers or graphics that had white backgrounds were transparent. Luckily the main graphics, numbers, and letters were to be applied to the white plastic covering.  So it wasn't a total loss. I later went back to the Avery site and looked up the FAQ page and found out that they cannot print white colours on the clear labels. I recently found another label printer who can print clear adhesive labels with a white backing. I have ordered more decals and will write about this in a later blog post. If you do not need white coloured graphics on clear backing then this service is fine. The only other drawback is the minimum quantity you have to order. At this point in time, it is a minimum quantity of 4.  

Sample Decals for Gee Bee R2

Decal Sheet 1 PDF

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Date Posted: 30/07/2020 8:00:00 PM