The registered version includes full import, export, DXF output capabilities, Manual in Word for Windows format and the full 229 Airfoil Coordinate Library.

If you have installed the unregistered version please uninstall it and download the registered setup package from the User Portal. Otherwise you will not have the full airfoil library.

Alternatively you can download the full airfoil library from the Download page and follow the instructions on the Import Airfoils page to import the aifoils.

Registered users will also receive one free WINFOIL upgrade to the next major release when available. The upgrade will include new features and extra airfoils. Minor updates will also be provided free of charge to registered users through the automatic update facility. Free technical support is also provided.

If you would like an extension on the evaluation period please contact Support.

ACTIVATION IS REQUIRED to be able to use the registered version.

When logging into the User Portal please PRESS TAB AFTER ENTERING YOUR USER NAME.

Please see the User Portal details.

Credit Card

$US 40 (All countries)

Internet Orders Only

Purchase Now

All MyCommerce orders are automatically processed at the web site and the registered version of the software is available immediately for download. You will be given a user name and password to logon to the Winfoil User Portal. You must download the registered setup from the Winfoil User Portal. You must install the software and run it to get a registration number. You can then activate Winfoil using the registration number in the Winfoil User Portal.

MyCommerce also provide the facility to pay by PayPal or Cheque.
Please read the instructions in the file readme.txt in the registered package before installation.


1. Mail order in Australia.

Cheque, Money order or email author for Bank Account (Direct Transfer) (Australia only. Includes GST, postage and handling)
$A 44.
Recommended for Australian residents.
Please make cheques or money orders payable to Winfoil.

6 Tibooburra St
NSW 2233

2. International Mail order.

International money order or Bank Cheque $A 44(New Zealand)
$A 50 (All other countries) only. Address as shown above.

3. PayPal

Please make payment to malhardy@ozemail.com.au for $A 44 and send email to author confirm payment.