Screen Shots

Airfoil List Screen displays airfoil profile and lists lift coefficent, drag coefficient, pitching coefficient, thickness and camber. Comments can also be stored for each airfoil.

View Airfoil Polars, Lift/Drag curves and maintain lift,drag and pitching moment data. Compare Airfoil characteristics

Supports Eppler and NACA format airfoil coordinates. Add any number of coordinates and enter maximum lift coefficient, minimum drag coefficient and maximum pitching moment coefficient.

NACA Wizard generates coordinates for 4, 5 and 6 digit airfoils.

Create Design specifications, wing components and fuselage components. Store pictures of designs and enter comments to document a design.

Estimate aircraft performance, create drag breakdown. Supports imperial and metric units. Optimise design for best performance or analyse an existing design.

Look up drag coefficients for wing, tail and fuselage sections from airfoil database and drag coefficient database.

Design Cad screen is provides the ability to quickly design a wing,tail or fuselage.Rib View screen is provided for wing and tail components. Spar layouts are shown on both the wing plan and rib views. Views are updated dynamically whenever the design is changed. Wing area, aspect ratio and mean aerodynamic chord is calculated automatically. Supports different airfoils at the root and tip for wing and tail components.Tail sizing graphs are available to aid in designing a stable aircraft.

View wing and tail components in 3D. Rendered, wire mesh and solid mesh views are provided. Component can be rotated in all three dimensions. This feature will be further enhanced in a later release.