Winfoil Activation Enhancement

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Release Version: 3.0.51

This feature has been renamed to Activation Enhancement as Auto Activation is not possible due to technical reasons.
This feature will allow a registered Winfoil user to obtain an unlock code without having to logon to the Winfoil Portal.
All they will need is their email address that was supplied with their purchase.
The Winfoil portal will email the user with a pin code to enter.
The user will enter the pin code and if this matches the email address then the Winfoil Portal will provide an unlock code.
This will require an internet connection to work and the User must exist in the Winfoil Portal. 


C# REST web services have been created and tested for PIN generation, email of PIN, and activation using a supplied email address and PIN. These have been tested and deployed.
Registration number, user id and unlock code fields have been added to the Winfoil database and will be displayed on the About screen.
A button has been added to copy these details to the Clipboard.
The next task is to add a new activation screen in Winfoil and add functions to call the new REST web services.

A screenshot of the new About screen is shown below.

Included with V3.0.50 patch and setup package.
The RegInfo program has been removed in V3.0.51.
The Winfoil Registration screen has been modified to fully support activation by email.
1. Install Winfoil 3 and start it. 
2. Enter the email address that you used to purchase Winfoil.
3. Click the Get PIN Code button.
4. You will receive an email with a PIN code after a few minutes.
5. Enter the PIN code.
6. Click the Register With PIN Code button. This action will retrieve the unlock code, your user name and activate Winfoil. 
These details will be saved and can be viewed in the About screen in Winfoil.

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Planned Delivery Date: 22/02/2021 11:00:00 AM

Status: Completed