Jig Hole Washout

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Release Version: 3.0.51

Add setting to Jig Holes for washout

There will be two parameters.

Washout Degress (negative)
Washout Span % - Used to vary the washout linearly along the span. Default will be 100%. 

Example for 100% span

-2 degress washout at the tip rib
-1 degrees washout at mid span.
0 degrees at root rib.

First phase released in V3.0.49.
This includes changes to the Print Design screen and the addition of the new fields to the database.
The second phase will be released in V3.0.51

Calculations for washout have been checked and these will now be put into the jig hole module.
A modification to the above screen will be made to allow for different sizes of jig hole. This will allow the use of smaller diameter rods for the trailing edge jig hole. 

Added jig hole 2 diameter field to the Winfoil database and added the new field to the Print Design screen. This field is currently disabled and will default to the same value as jig hole 1.
This will allow a smaller diameter wing rod to be used to allow for rib clearance when washout is applied otherwise the second jig hole would have to be a much smaller distance from the first jig hole.

Made modifications to support different jig hole sizes. Can now print and export DXF files with different jig hole sizes.

Completed and tested washout functionality

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Planned Delivery Date: 22/02/2021 11:00:00 AM

Status: Completed